Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Ranting and flies

Human was late yet again today **sigh**. I should never have suggested a few more early starts should I?
Still arrive she did. She cleaned out my water buckets as they get nasty very quickly in the summer, before doing the rest of the cleaning then I came in with her.
Two other horses were getting ready to go out so we all went for a wee plod together. We were at the back keeping our distance as is our preferred place. Human started ranting. I wasn't taking too much notice of her as the flies were driving me insane, trying to keep them off was a full time occupation. Human was doing her best with the beating stick flicking off the ones she could reach all the time ranting away. Something about riders who have no control of their horses. To me honest I ignored her ranting. Ranting is often normal for human about all sorts of subjects.
We made it back to the yard. Flies clearing off as soon as our hooves touched the road. Maybe we can stick to the roads for a while human what d'ya think?
I had a nice lunch with fresh mint. Mmmm.
Oh some news. My poor wee Grandfoal Lola has chicken pox. She's all spotty and feeling very sorry for herself. No wonder she hasn't been to see me lately.

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