Monday, 20 July 2015

Odd human

Human was very late today. She had been visiting OMF. I know what humans are like when they get together and start chatting n stuff.
She did the jobs, even cleaning out the water thing she puts water in for the dogs walking through my field.
Then asked me to come in with her. I got dressed then it was really really odd. We went in the school for a bit of trendy bendy and stuff. We weren't in there long when human asked me to take her round the village. That's usual after we've been in the school then very strange. As we got near home I obviously turned to come into the yard, human then said Oh no we're not going there let's go round the village again. Of course I asked her if she knew what she was doing, she claimed she did. I'm not so sure. So round the village we went again. Got to the top of the village and human seriously lost the plot asking me to turn round and go back the way we had just come.
Eventually we got back to the yard. I had my grub with a whole apple again. Yum.
Back to my field and off went human.
I am pleased to have her home even if I am a little confused by her behaviour.

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