Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I'm not psychic

Human arrived early again. She said she was in a hurry today so would I mind a quick wee plod down the bridlepath. Ok human that's fine by me.
Got dressed in double quick time and off we set. Human then said quite clearly "we're only going as far as we went yesterday".
So obviously as soon as I got to the place we turned round yesterday I went to turn round. Well you would wouldn't you.
Oh no seems that isn't right. Human had decided to go on a bit further. I got in trouble for trying to turn round.
Well human if you change your mind and want to go on further after clearly telling me where we were going to turn round you need to tell me. I'm not blooming psychic y'know.
When we got back I had my breakfast while I was still getting undressed before heading back to my field.
So what was all the rush about? YMF was popping round for a cuppa and some cake. .... mmmm save me some. Carrot cake I hope.

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