Monday, 27 July 2015

I challenge you

Take a leaf out of my book human. You noticed today I am getting much fitter. Well that would be a rare phenomenon called EXERCISE. I exercise regulary when I take you out. I can't say I've noticed your fitness levels improving nor you exercising. Walking to my field and back to the yard with me is pathetic if you count that as your daily exercise.
So come on human I challenge you...
Human again was early and again we went for a wee plod. Only down the bridlepath but we did lots of trotting. I wasn't the one huffing and puffing after a few hundred metres of trot now was I human?
When we got back I had a nice breakfast and back to my field.
I do much prefer these early morning rides human. I know it's not always possible but please put in a few more can you?

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