Sunday, 26 July 2015

Happy ears, Sad ears

Blimey human how early? Not seen you this early in a long time. Not only being so early but asking me to take you out so early.
Now when you were away on your jollys, Nuggets human and her son came to take care of me. I took a liking to Son whose name is Sam. He told me he works very very near to where I live. So I asked human if we could go visit him. She was being grumpy and said he won't be there, but eventually I convinced her it would be a nice plod anyway.
Hmm happy ears I can see the sign telling me where he works is right near.

Getting closer I am getting so excited now.

Oh no sad ears. Human was right he wasn't there and we had to leave without seeing him.
The good news is the road was almost empty at this silly early time. Makes for a much more relaxed human I can tell you. No death grip today.

So this Stallion going away thing is handy huh? Helps that the Grandfoal is away as well or you wouldn't get a look in as far as having a ride out on me goes.

When we got back I had some breakfast and went back to my field.

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