Saturday, 4 July 2015

Gosh that was early

Human turned up really really early today. I wasn't expecting her.
She did the jobs and I came in with her. Puzzle who has only just moved here is moving to another yard today. My  Grandfoals other Granny's farm is where she is going so The Grandfoal is really excited about that.
When I got to the yard I got dressed for riding. Human didn't have to change she wasn't scaring the locals with her shorts on today she was already dressed for riding. It was nice and cool so lets go human.
Off we set at a cracking pace through the village. Walked down the overgrown bit of bridlepath and trotted off the rest of the way almost. Gave human a good workout all that trotting.
We came home the long way round the village. Barely a soul out that early in the morning. It was lovely. Human was riding like she knew what she was doing, I was full of energy so it was a good combination.
I untied myself while human was putting my stuff away and went in search of some grass. Hah that got my breakfast delivered pretty quick.
Then it was back to the field for more eating. See you soon human.

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