Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fly be gone

Human took Nugs human out for lunch today to say thanks for looking after me. Well that was the plan. They had a wonderful lunch according to human but while human went off to go for a wee Nugs human was very very naughty and paid for the lunch. She is in so much trouble hehehe. Guess they will have to do it again soon then.
Human turns up and cleans out my water buckets. I then come in with her and get dressed.
We went for a quick wee plod down the bridlepath. Grumpy farmer has cut back all the things growing which was nice. Although there were still a few pesky flies about nowhere near the number that have been about the last couple of times we have been that way.
When we got back I had a nice bowl of grub yet again a whole apple for me. Yum.
Back to my field to continue the eating theme.

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