Thursday, 2 July 2015

The busy road

What has happened to the busy road? It's so un-busy recently. Even Tom the hoofyman turned up really early because there was no traffic about.
Human arrived. It's not quite so hot today so I was asked if I would take human out over the road. Of course I said yes I always say yes.
Last time we went over there the stones didn't bother my hooflets. However I've had a trim since then. Human asked if we could try without my slippers on and promised if it was uncomfortable then we would come back. Sounds ok to me.
Off we set. The busy road was so un-busy on the way out. We crossed the road. Ooh those stones are not nice human may I walk on the grassy bits? She said yes.
When we got to the space centre I saw all the stones and decided I didn't even want to go there. Human said let's try it you were ok last time. I was right the stones hurt. True to her word human said let's go home. All the way back I stayed on the grassy bits avoiding the stones. Human says slippers on next time.
The busy road on the way back was un-busy again. We even managed to go straight over rather than our usual routine of standing in a driveway until it's clear both ways. Almost unheard of.
When we got back I got hosed down. I wasn't everso hot just a wee bit where my saddle had been. It was nice all the same.
I got my lunch while human had a cold drink, then set off back to my field.
I'm hoping it's not too hot to go out tomorrow. As much as I like my days off I do like taking human out and about. I think it's good for her and it's my job to take care of her the best I can. I do it well.

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