Thursday, 30 July 2015

Big Bang

Human was late YET again. I came in with her and got dressed. Suited and booted we set off over the road, oh yes no issues today. No bees, no stones......well there were but I had my boots farmers cutting verges blocking the way.
We had a nice plod with quite a few trotty bits thrown in. All of a sudden there was an almighty  bang, with a plume of smoke working it's way skywards. It was quite away from us if the smoke was anything to do with the bang. Human of course about jumped out of her skin.
On the way home we had a nice long trotty. The busy road was very un-busy again today. Yet again we didn't have to wait on the side to be able to get across.
Oh and remember the nice lorry driver that stopped to let us across  ? Human was unable from that vid to see the name of his company, today another of their lorries went past and human in a rare moment of cleverness managed to get the name of the company. I think I need to email them and say thanks.
Just as we were almost home we saw Red and her human coming down the road so we all arrived back at the same time.
I had a nice bowl of grub and mint while Red went in her room for her grub. The two humans sat down with a cuppa before I went off to my field.
Tomorrow I get a day off. Nice.

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