Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A nice cool shower

Human arrived eventually on her own today. It's really hot here today. I have drunk loads of water since human was here yesterday with NG Lola. Human set about filling both buckets up with fresh water.
She faffed about doing stuff, sorting out nasty plants, moving fencing, cleaning up. Then she came and got me.
Most odd. We walked over to the gate between my and Puzzles bit of field. Human tied me up there. Then she got the hosepipe out. Oh yes yes yes, I got a shower. Mmmmm that feels nice. No don't go near my head. Over my back is nice though.
When I was soaked through I went back to my field to continue munching. Human says it's too hot to go for a ride and it's going to be even hotter tomorrow. Wow. In England it's hot? We usually have rain.

Monday 29th June


It was very warm here. Human was going to be late as she had to MOT her car thing. It failed. The beep thing didn't work. Only on the way home to YMF's house she tried the beep thing and it worked. So much to the annoyance of other road users she kept using the beep thing. Yep worked everytime. So she took her car back to the MOT place and they passed her car. Silly grunt and feel (they are brothers who look like Grant and Phil from Eastenders).
Anyway when she got to YMF's house she had a cuppa then went to leave. She was all dressed for riding we were planning a nice long slow plod over the road. Only NG Lola asked if she could come and see me. Human can't ride if NG is with her so she said no, sorry another time. Then NG did that "pleeeeeeeese Granny" with tears in her eyes.
So human and NG turn up in my field........hahahaha I get the day off.

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