Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Human goes into panic mode

Human arrived quite early today. Now my wormy result is not good. In fact I have a huge wormy burden. I was clear in March when I had my last test so this is not good. The wormy folk think at my age my immune system might not be working as well as it should. Now given that along with my being tired has sent human into panic mode.
So today she checked my pulses, had me walking in tight circles and stuff. She can feel pulses but not strong nor pounding but as she is prone to panic I am now confined to my room as "a precaution".
Silly human. I'm not lame, can turn on a sixpence without problems and am a happy if somewhat tired girl.
I don't mind spending some time in my room. I have food, I have water, I have peace and quiet.
Now I'm worrying about human getting her knickers in a twist. Chill human everything is fine.

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