Thursday, 25 June 2015

Yuk yuk yuk

Yuk yuk yuk human arrived nice and early. Morning human. Then she only went and gave me some yukky worming stuff. She did explain that I have lots of wormy things in my tummy and we need to get them out. Ok then but it's still yukky.
I came out of my room and human brushed me all over, put some perfume on and checked my pulses. They've gone. Hurrah. Human said I can go out but she is coming back later to see they have stayed away and if I'm ok I can take her out for a wee plod. Fair enough.
True to her word she came back, still no pulses and yes we went for a quick wee plod only as far as the bird box. It was nice out though.
I believe human is going to be coming twice a day to check my pulses for a while. Gosh she does go over the top when she panics.

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