Monday, 22 June 2015

It's been a while

It's been a while since I've taken human on such a long plod. Human came and got me 'cos we were going out with handsome Storm and his human today. Human popped me in the school to munch as we weren't sure exactly what time we were going.
After the humans had yakked for a while Storm and I finally got ready. We set off up the village when Storms human asked if we could go over the road instead. Oh yes I like the sound of that.
The busy road was busy today but no matter we got over ok and set off up to the space centre. We went all the way up and round the cemetery and back. Storm is very handsome. Sometimes he was in front......I like the view.....sometimes I was in front and sometimes we were next to each other. My goodness those humans can talk. Yak yak yak don't they ever shut up? No would be the answer to that.
When we got back I had some lunch, the humans had a cuppa before I went back to my field. We managed to miss the rain.
I think I heard the humans arranging to do it again next week. I do hope I heard right.

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