Sunday, 30 April 2017

Plan backfired

Haha Bobs you plonker that plan backfired didn't it. I'll explain. Bob always wants his breakfast first. So human has made a wee paddock for him to go into to eat, I then get mine in the big field to eat in peace. The haybox is in the big field.
So Bob won't let me go in the wee paddock 'cos he wants his first. Ok off you go then. He went in there and was merrily munching when he spied human putting hay out in the box. I ate my breakfast, he ate his then of course I wandered over to check out the hay. Well Bob saw I got to the hay and he was not happy. Not one bit. He's prancing around the wee breakfast paddock and making a fool of himself. But he had to wait for human to let him out.
He came charging over like he's not eaten anything in about 2 weeks. He was rather disappointed to find it was just hay.
Next time Bobs you should wait your turn for breakfast mate.
Human set about doing the jobs. Chopping down some nettles, filling up the water and cleaning up all the droppings.
It's a lovely sunny Sunday today so nothing more for us both to do but eat. It's a hard life here isn't it.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

A New Sport Perhaps

Human arrived early this morning. Now she rarely used to ride at weekends, preferring instead to spend time with the human family. This suited us both. But now there are two of us.....
So I came in with her. She left Bobs with his breakfast and some hay.
I got dressed, my friends Red and Lacey got dressed and off we went.
Lacey said she was feeling brave and could we go on the busy road like we did last week. I said I'd protect her again.
Now there are some thorny branches that are making it difficult to get down the bridlepath without the humans getting all scratched. So Reds human took the secateurs with her and stopped to trim back the thorny stuff. Lacey and her human moved the dropped branches to one side. I was on board and ride photographer. Could this horseback gardening catch on. Be the next big sport. Olympic horseback gardening, I think it could catch on don't you?
Gardening done we all carried on our way.
Through the next village to the busy road. Red went in front, Lacey next with me on the outside between Lacey and the cars like last week.
Lacey had a wee wobble at some flowers that weren't there last week but I told her it was ok they are not horse eating flowers.
Back to the next village and on the way home. We all had a couple of trots, nice controlled trots and before we knew it we were back on the yard in time for breakfast. The humans had the obligatory cuppa before we all went back to our respective fields.
Bobs was so pleased to see me. Human did the cleaning and sorted out our water before heading off home.
Bobs didn't say anything but I know he was sad that The Grandfoal didn't come over to play.

Friday, 28 April 2017

New Bridle

Well today it was Bobs turn to go and do some work. He didn't like the idea of leaving me with the new grass in case I ate it all. It's ok Bob I'll make sure there is some left.
He took human out for a wee plod. They are getting further and further each time. No nasty lorries to scare him today. No bees to scare human. When they got level with our field he didn't want to go any further. I stopped eating long enough so he knew the grass was safe with him not being there.

He was such a good boy, looking after human a treat. He never put a hoof wrong. I told him The Grandfoal likes to go fast. Human not so keen so he made sure he listened carefully to her instructions. He's a star. I've got a video but it's going to take a little while for me to sort it out.

After his humiliation of having to wear my bridle, human remembered to bring his bridle today and had some news. He is getting his own one made by Karin and Paul who made mine 8 years ago.
You can see my post from back then about what goes into making a bridle. It's a lot of work. It won't be ready for some time as they are very busy. It's going to have a plaited browband which sounds nice.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

More Grass

It's Zoe again. I've taken my laptop back from Bobs.
It was supposed to be my day for taking human out for a wee plod. I didn't but it was all in a good cause.
What good cause is this? I hear you all cry. Well the cause of human giving Bobs and I more grass. The downside is she takes a section away to let it grow while we eat the new patch down. I can cope with that. New grass is amazing. New grass is super yummy. New grass is wonderfully succulent and juicy. Mmmmm New grass.
Bobs thinks all this grass is heavenly, and it is.
I did tell him a few days ago that we would be getting more grass when he was complaining there wasn't much in our bit. I don't think he believed me but  I'm Zoe and I'm always right Bobs.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The ulitimate humiliation

Hi it's Bobby here. The lovely Zoe has lent me her laptop and shown me how to use it. I asked her to put something on here and she said, "here do it yourself". So after a few quick pointers in how to use it I have control. I only needed one lesson.

I want to have a rant today. Miss oh so perfect Zoe, she who never does anything wrong, is fluent in hooman prattle. I'm trying my best to understand, it's not my fault I don't "do" hooman.
Today was a classic example. Hooman came and got me and I went through the village with her to the yard. I got dressed up and thought we were going to go for what Zoe calls a wee plod. The ultimate humiliation hooman had forgotten my bridle so I had to borrow Zoe's.  Hooman had brought carrot man with her only he didn't have any carrots. He did have some mints though.
Seems I misunderstood. Hooman got some very long leadropes and a huge mahoosive long beating stick and we walked into the school. All the time she's prattling  on in that hooman language of hers which means nothing to me.
Then it seemed she wanted me to walk round in circles while she stood there doing nothing but waving that mahoosive beating stick about. Oh no hooman I don't think so. If I'm working so are you love. You can see me showing hooman how I want her to move her feet. She's getting the idea slowly.
I managed to get her running about getting all hot and exercised. Then we did it the other direction. I kept offering to stop 'cos she was getting out of breath but she wanted me to walk round a bit more. So I did.
After hooman had done enough exercise I got my breakfast then we went back to the field. She went and got some hay for us, checked out the water situation and did the cleaning.
I stood having a chat to Zoe over the hay box, she tells me the biggest problem is that she understands hooman prattle perfectly and does things for hooman before she even asks. She says I need to start learning hooman prattle and it will become much easier. Why can't hooman learn horse? Because hoomans are lazy and not very bright says Zoe. We have to teach them our ways while letting them think they are teaching us. It's easier for me to learn hooman as I'm clever says Zoe.
She says I did well to get hooman exercising running round in circles while I just wandered around. She's very clever and wise is Zoe.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

I'm coming back don't worry

Human was early again today. I came in with her leaving Bobs munching his breakfast in the field. He wasn't best pleased by the time he discovered I was leaving. I'll be back in a bit Bobs don't worry.
I went to the yard and got dressed to take human out.
Off we set, of course today there was not a single lorry to be seen. When I got level with our field Bobs wanted to join us. Sorry Bobs not today.
We didn't go too far today but had lots of lovely trots and even a wee bit of canter. We walked back with one of the villagers and their dog (Stella).
Back on the yard I got my breakfast and very nice it was too.
Human didn't stop for a cuppa today. She has to get back to go fetch The Stallion.
I went back to our field. Bobs was as always pleased to see me.
Human went off to get us some hay, I asked when we were getting our hooves on the new grass and human said next week. Roll on next week then I say.
Human did the cleaning and went off to fetch The Stallion.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Overdramatic the pair of them

Oh dear dear dear. Bobs you plonker. Human arrived earlyish after dropping the four legged rat catcher off at the vets for her surgery.
Bobs came in with her and went in the school while human and Nugs human had a cuppa.
Then Bobs got dressed and went in the school for some gate training. Not sure who is training who but no matter. There were some improvements from last week.

Human then decided to go for a wee plod up the village road and back again.
All was going well they turned round at the top of the village, Bob was hoping he was coming back to our field so wasn't best pleased.
Then the unthinkable happened.......oh no it's a lorry a LORRY. We don't get many lorries through the village.
Well Bob slammed the brakes on, then went backwards. Still the LORRY kept coming. Human had the brilliant idea of going back towards the bridlepath as there was nowhere to get out of the way of the LORRY. This would have been ok but now the LORRY was chasing poor Bobs. He jumped about a bit, tried to tank off a bit, ran backwards (why the LORRY was behind him)  and generally made a complete idiot of himself. Human then asked him to turn into someones driveway and hopped off while the LORRY went past. The driver had been very patient. Human said she thought she was going to die. Oh please human, over dramatic much? Between Bobs thinking a lorry is going to eat him and you thinking you are going to die I don't know who is worse. It was just a lorry and only a little one. Human he just jumped about a bit nothing you couldn't handle so get over it you two. The pair of you were both being seriously overdramatic. Am I the only sane sensible one here?

They then started to walk back towards the yard. Bobs thought that would be it, breakfast on the yard like usual but oh no. Human had other ideas.
She asked Bobs to take her back in the school. They had a wee standoff, Bobs saying nope I've finished for the day, human saying don't think misbehaving 'cos your scared means you get out of work.
As usual human got her way. Oh and she dropped her beating stick when she got back on Bobs hahaha.
Finally human got her own way and once Bobs was walking nicely round the school she told him ok he could stop now and go get breakfast.
Poor Bobs. Not only did he get a big scare, but then he got to meet scary human. She is a stroppy mare that human of ours.
I've got to sort out the video of Bobs, he doesn't want me to put it on here because he looked like a plonker. He was really scared he wasn't being naughty.
Human knew from his advert he doesn't like large noisy vehicles. So no surprises for her. But everyone survived. No one got hurt apart from Bobs pride.
As for the poor four legged rat catcher, she had the other half of her thyroid removed and lots of teeth. When the vet investigated her teeth were in a shocking state. Hopefully she will start to feel better now.